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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tips to Inflating Car Tires

Things Needed
– A garage or gas station that has a facility of Pressurized Air
– A Tire Pressure gauge

Step 1
First, one has to go to a garage or gas station that has a facility of pressurized air with a gauge.

Step 2
The car should be parked in such a way that one can reach all the four tires with the air hose.

Step 3
The air-pressure specifications of the car’s tires have to be found. There is a sticker located on the door jamb of driver’s side, trunk or in the glove box.

Step 4
The plastic cap on the air valve would have to be unscrewed. It should be put in the pocket so it does not get lost.

Step 5
The air pressure must be checked with the help of either a personal tire-pressure gauge or the one belonging to the gas station air pump. The gauge should be pressed against the valve and held down tightly. If a hissing noise is heard, then it means the air is leaking. It should be pressed down harder.

Step 6
Air should be added as necessary. The air pump hose should be pressed on the valve while squeezing the lever present at the end of the hose.

Step 7
The air pressure should be checked with the gauge. The air pump hose can also be used for checking.

Step 8
The tires must be deflated if they are accidentally overfilled. The small needle in the center of the valve should be pressed down to let the air out. There is a small knob on many tire-pressure gauges for this purpose, although a fingernail or a pen can also do the trick.

Tips and Warnings
– If the tire needs air every time while checking, a tire shop can be asked to inspect for any slow leaks.
– A good-quality tire-pressure gauge should always be kept in the car’s glove box. The cost of a good electronic one costs nearly about $20.
– The spare tire should not be forgotten to check and adding air in it as necessary.
– The tire’s sidewall should not be considered for air-pressure specifications. This is because it only lists the maximum pressure of the tire.
– A tire-pressure gauge should always be used for getting the right air pressure. One cannot afford to exceed or under inflate the tires.

Things to Think about Before Going Out and Prowling Repossessed Vehicle Auctions

1. Not all of the vehicles you find here are the same regardless of how they look on the outside, or in comparison to being the same year and make.

2. The condition of the sale in an auction like this is as- is, so it is recommended you bring a mechanic along when you are thoroughly in the market for a unit.

3. Secondhand vehicles carry no warranties, unlike new ones. The price differential is big sufficient to be of savings to you and an advantage over purchasing one off the assembly line.

4. Weigh the possibilities of spending for repairs before you finalize a sale. It can work both to your benefit and disadvantage summing up if it will get you the final total cheaper or figuring out to spend a little more for a fixed up one.

5. Although rare, there are chances of the vehicles being sabotaged. The mere fact they are called repossessed vehicle auctions indicate that they have been seized from a previous owner because of a default in amortization payments. Some people may feel vindictive and do unseen damages to the car. It just pays to be a little more thorough and selective when viewing. History from the previous owner and maintenance performed would be nice, if possible.

6. Be sure to read the small print in the contract where terms and conditions apply. Some auction sites may place hidden fees and some other costs that are not mentioned upfront. Cases wherein insurance or warranties that have elapsed and compounded based when the automobile was impounded could possibly be carried over to the new owner.

These are just a few things to consider if you go out and shop in locations like these. It would also be good if you can do a little research beforehand about the particular makes and models that you may be in the market for. You may even want to bid online and save yourself the trip, but inspecting them personally is greatly commended. Investigate sources on the net for information on repossessed vehicle auctions and get the venue and time so you can plan out your adventure well.


How to Boost A Classic Car Performance

Over the years several changes and improvements have been made in the car, some of them are subtle others not so. This has helped in further improving its performance and reputation. For all its refinement it is an uncomplicated car which is easy in day to day handling.

The performance of even a high performance car can be further improved by wisely choosing and installing accessories. Air intakes are one of the items of accessories that belong to this category.

As is known to everyone, combustion of the mix of fuel and air generates power in the engine of a car. Oxygen in the air is the active agent required for combustion. Air intakes bring more air in the engine. It leads to optimum combustion.

During combustion the engine gets heated, while the air intakes bring in cool air from the outside. Cool air leads to improved combustion as the heated air inside the engine is not as suitable for proper combustion, because for the same volume more air can fit inside when it is colder and therefore more oxygen becomes available for combustion.

For the same amount of fuel you get more power. This results in economy of fuel. This is specially welcome during the existing economic conditions. From the ecological point of view too this is welcome. Lesser the use of fuel less is the atmospheric pollution. Air intakes are inexpensive items but their benefits are multiple and substantial.

The latest Mustang is completely redesigned. Its interior as well as exterior is pleasing to the eye. A Mustang air intake will further give you more value for the money. It will enhance the power output. The owners of the car will be proud to own a car having an iconic status. And that is why the car is treated as a collectors’ item. You will enjoy a comfortable ride in it and can also exhibit it as a show piece.