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Ford’s New Australian Lineup Covers a Great Deal of Range

While a few vehicle manufacturers today focus mostly on the luxury or entry-level markets, most strive to accommodate a wider range of buyers. Longtime Australian favorite Ford, for example, attempts to cover everyone from first-time purchasers emphasizing affordability above else to those who are willing to pay for quite a bit more refinement, power, and performance. As the latest cars from the manufacturer show, doing so takes a great deal of effort, with eleven distinct models now being available in a range of significantly different trims. A look into that lineup will show that Ford has done an excellent job of achieving its underlying goal.

At the low end, the Fiesta is a car that has a great deal to offer those on limited budgets, as well as for drivers who simply want an especially efficient vehicle. With a simple three-cylinder power plant that leverages a turbo to produce a surprising amount of mechanical motivation, the Fiesta even stands out as something a bit spicier and more exciting than might be expected in this segment. At the same time, the vehicle also delivers amply on its basic mission, with excellent fuel economy figures and a low price of entry making it a truly cost effective option.

Moving on up a little bit, the Ford Focus remains an especially popular choice among buyers ready to invest a bit more. As with competing vehicles like the Honda Civic, the Focus goes beyond merely adding some power and interior space to its closest downmarket relation. The sport-focused trims of the Focus are designed to appeal to younger buyers who crave performance at a price they can afford, and these typically end up being some of the most popular of all.

Staying within the realm of options that remain plainly cars, instead of verging on trucks as sport utility vehicles tend to do, the Mondeo represents the next level for many Ford buyers. While not meant to be especially exciting, the Mondeo does a fine job of delivering the kind of practical, utilitarian transportation that many families will appreciate. Given that a mere three vehicles of eleven available cover so much range, it should be clear that Ford’s lineup has something for just about every buyer.