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Know The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Change the Automatic Transmission Fluid

Unluckily, the tranny is probably the most disregarded components of cars today, and still it is probably of the most vital parts. Neglecting to maintain your tranny can result in premature failure, and if you decide not to service your transmission very early on in the lifespan of the rig, you’re lining yourself up for problems if you try to service the fluid later in the rig’s lifetime.

Please observe the regular maintenance schedule outlined in your vehicle’s car guide. If it does not give you a frequency, go for every 30,000 miles. Nevertheless, if the rig already has a lot of mileage on it, don’t service your transmission’s ATF.

Sounds wild, but here’s the story. If you have a higher mileage vehicle (greater than 95,000 miles or so) and your tranny servicing has not been performed, yet your vehicle still is running well you have to leave it be. Here’s why. Chances are the tranny fluid that has already been in the tranny the whole time is starting to get pretty dirty and gritty.

Even so, believe it or not this soil and grit in the transmission fluid is likely assisting the transmission to perform effectively. If you haven’t been servicing your tranny fluid at frequent intervals that soil and grime has induced corroding on existing normal parts that would not have came about had you been changing it properly. These parts (such as the internal clutches and band parts) count a lot on friction in order to function properly.

At this point the friction that is usually in these components from the manufacturer has eroded down cause of lack of maintenance. So, since they are absent their own friction, they really rely on the friction in the transmission fluid in order to function the right way. Now, understanding that the parts require friction in order to operate correctly, if you get rid of all the friction in the tranny’s ATF, what do you think would happen? In most scenarios, this new clean slippery automatic transmission fluid will make your old high mileage vehicle to have transmission troubles, typical slippage when shifting.

The brutal actuality is, if you are not having any troubles with your old, high mile vehicle’s tranny, and you haven’t been keeping up with the normal servicing on the transmission, the best advice you can ever receive is to leave the automatic transmission fluid and filter alone. So, if you’re experiencing tranny troubles like slippage, forceful or erratic shifts, or seeing the tranny acting slow to shift when the motor is cold, look for the experience of a specialized tranny shop prior to having the fluid serviced, cause odds are your tranny is relying on that grimey tranny fluid in order to continue working properly. Servicing it could actually be ending it’s life.